CrimpFlex crimping equipment

Nicomatic crimping presses are dedicated to the manual & pneumatic crimping of male and female contacts in a 1.27mm or 2.54mm pitch. All Nicomatic CrimpFlex™ presses are guaranteed 2 year for parts and labour except for transport and wear parts.  
With more than 650 presses used worldwide, our machines are known for their reliability, ruggedness, easy set-up, simplicity of use, speed and precision.

General features:

  • fastest crimping equipment on the market (up to 50 contacts in one stroke and 30 cycles per minute)
  • Easy set up after unpacking
  • 6 versions for 2.54mm pitch: 10025-MO (-MOM, -MOF, -SP), 10500-SA (-SAP)
  • 2 versions for 1.27mm pitch: 16068-MO
  • Changeover of tooling on the same press
  • Press with evolutive tooling (possible to complete after acquisition)
  • Pneumatic: 6bar dry compressed air, no electrical requirement
  • Quality of crimp easy to check, and removable housing
  • Availability of wear parts
  • Training tools (video, manual, on-site training…)
Hand Crimp Tool HCT-127
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Be smart with CrimpFlex!
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CrimpFlex pneumatic press - 2.54mm pitch
Nicomatic’s CRIMPFLEX® Connector System is applied with the fastest, easiest to use application equipment on the market. Capable of mass termination of all CRIMPFLEX® contacts providing optimum mechanical strength and contact resistance,  pneumatic crimping press Among the ...
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All types of flexible circuits whose thickness ranges from 75µ to 350µ in standard.

Depending on the press (1.27mm or 2.54, manual or pneumatic) and on the material itself, we can use thicknesses from 50µ to 500µ. Please contact us.

Example with 10500-SA(P):
The energy is pneumatic only (no electrical) : 6 bar (hydropneumatic)
Effort : 1 800 kg/cm2
Reel contacts speed : 5cm/s roughly
Capacity : up to 30 cycles per minute (well trained operator)

Yes, there is a pneumatic press made for square male contacts under P/N 10500-SAP. Please contact us.

On our 2.54mm machines:

- manual: 25

- pneumatic: 36 contacts

On our 1.27mm machines:

- manual: 50

Manual press : 350 cycles / hour (up to 420)
Pneumatic press : 1 500 cycles / hour (up to 1 800)

It is possible but not recommended. The risk is to break the machine or lead to malfunction. NICOMATIC presets the press at 4 to 6bar air-pressure.

Yes, except for the male solder tab (ref. 11612) which must be crimped with the female tooling. Male contact (ref. 13595) is also crimped the same way.

No. In order to get the perfect crimping of your CRIMPFLEX contacts you need to use CRIMPFLEX presses.

All this equipment is manufactured in-house.

No. As the cutting part is as long as that of female contacts (2.6mm), you need to crimp using a female tooling for the male 11612 and 13595 contacts. It is an exception.
Therefore, please either order a 10025-MOF press or change the tooling on your 10025-MO to the female one.

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