SMD test terminals

C12000 SMD test terminals are used to test zones on PCBs, separately or by comparison with another. C12000 are designed to attach a large range of probes, test probes, oscilloscope probes at key points... Nicomatic products save time on mounting by avoiding PCB piercing, hole plating & pre-manual insertion and soldering of traditional test pins.
They are patented under European patent number 0601 900 and French 92.13394.

General features:

  • Copper alloy, RoHS compliant
  • Tin or gold plated version available (C12000B & C12000BG)
  • Packaging in reel of 2000 or 8500 parts
  • 100% recyclable reel in polycarbonate
  • SOT08-05 standard SMD slots
  • Substantial savings vs. traditional pins mounting
  • No specific test probe needed
  • Can be used as zero resistance
  • No special compartment needed on auto-placing machines
SMD Test Terminals from Nicomatic
Responding to the market need for miniaturization and testing more complex and multi-component circuits NICOMATIC has designed miniature surface mount test terminals. Supplied on tape and reel for easy handling and use and supplied from stock at a competitive pricing. Nicomatic test terminals...
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Material copper alloy. Composition : Cu 2µ+ Ni 1 to 2µ+ Sn 3 to 5µ = Tin plating over nickel and copper.

8A to 9A, and according to MIL 3A to 4A (section is 0.20mm which corresponds to AWG22).

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